Hello! My name is Kelvin Young and I love putting a camera between myself and beautifully prepared food! In 2006, my love and passion for photography turned my hobby into a career, and I started Kelvin Young Photography Inc. Since then, my team and I have been providing Wedding, Food, Commercial, Corporate, Documentary, Performance and Sports Photography to the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. When I am not behind the camera, I enjoy exploring new restaurants all over the city and trying new types of food with my beautiful girlfriend. Before eating, we always like to take a photo of our meals and share it with all our friends and followers on social media.

In 2011, I began to explore Food Photography. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity of working with quite a few local restaurants in the Greater Toronto Area to create photos for their Restaurant Menus, Website, Social Media and other Promotional Materials. Food Photography is a lot of fun for me because I get to meet a ton of talented Chefs that are so passionate about what they do. Not only that, oftentimes we get to devour my photo subject right after we are done working!

My approach to Food Photography is simple. I love creating modern, clean, creative, realistic photographs of your kitchen creations. I work with the chef to achieve the best possible images that showcases their work. I personally style everything myself and like to combine elements of your restaurant to create mouth-watering, irresistible photographs that you can share with your existing customers and attract new foodies and locals to come try your latest dish!

I decided to create this website and separate my Food Photography with the rest of my work because I really want to take my Food Photography to the next level. Toronto is such a diverse and friendly city full of unique restaurants and delicious food from all corners of the world. I hope to photograph and taste food that i’ve never heard of or tried before, and let more people learn about your food and culture through my photographs.

Let’s create some beautiful Food Photography together! Contact me at or (416) 727 8557 today to learn more about my Food Photography services. I can’t wait to see what you come up with in the kitchen.